Serving the Tri-State Area of New York, New Jersey, & Connecticut

About Us

The Schindler Cleaning Companies was founded in 2010 by Bob Schindler, a former airline pilot who resigned to spend more time with his wife and three young children and launch his own cleaning company. Bob opened his first office in Southampton, NY and by delivering professional, high quality services The Schindler Cleaning Companies has grown to 6 branches, all company owned. The continued success and growth of The Schindler Cleaning Companies can be attributed to strong company values, well trained cleaning technicians, state of the art cleaning equipment and a commitment to reliability, consistency and customer service. In addition, by offering multiple services, The Schindler Cleaning Companies allows you to partner with one company you can trust.

“It’s important to make sure all our clients are happy, and I would like to think we go above and beyond to achieve that goal. We try and develop a company culture where our crews take pride in their work and enjoy what they do. We are grateful to our clients for making this company a success, and it’s mostly referrals that drive our growth. We have made many friendships along the way.”

-Bob Schindler

Our Mission: To provide quality cleaning services in a professional manner